Company: COMPRESSED GAS, 80 km near Vienna

Tel: ++ 421 908 528 468

Fax: ++ 421 38 54 23 230

Malacka ulica area Zeleny Dvor

SK - 900 31 Stupava

Billing Details:

COMPRESSED GAS s.r.o., Bošianska cesta 1127/19, SK - 956 33 Chynorany

St No .: 36710415

UID No .: SK2022298135

Air pump Blowers waste water treatment and sewage aeration compressors

88 items

Air pumps, air compressors, membrane pumps, membrane compressors, compressors, oxygen pumps, membrane blowers for ponds, small sewage treatment plants, biogas plants, fish farms for wastewater from ESOair Enviro, Charles Austen, Medo Nitto Kohki, Takatsuki Hiblow, Secoh, Denver Gardner, Thomas Yasunaga etc.


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