Air pump Esoair Enviro 30 Blowers waste water treatment and sewage aeration pumps

Air pump Esoair Enviro 30 Blowers waste water treatment and sewage aeration pumps

The Esoair ENVIRO 30 diaphragm blower can easily be used as a replacement for the following blowers from the following manufacturers: Alita AL 30, Secoh SLL-30, Air Mac DB 30, HIBLOW 30, YASUNAGA Rietschle Thomas LP-30A

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Producer: ESOair

The EsoAir Enviro 30 air pump helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the water. Providing a clean, oil-free air source it is exceptionally quiet in operation, as low as 35dB even when running continuously. The ET 30 is easy to service with a competitively priced service kit and is also supported by our two year warranty, With its weatherproof, robust construction it makes an ideal wastewater pump.

Technical Parameters-PDF

The ET series range of air pumps ensures that there is plenty of water movement in wastewater applications; this boosts oxygen levels in the water, allowing aerobic bacteria to decompose. When used in medical applications, the ET series provides a high flow at low pressure.

At Charles Austen we recommend that enviro pumps are serviced at least every 18 months, service kits for each pump can be purchased from us. Sign up to our service reminder and we'll remind you when it is due!

Robust and compact construction - weatherproof
Green drive technology offers energy efficient motors meaning low power consumption​
Supplied with a rubber elbow for easy fitting.​


Air pump Blowers waste water treatment and sewage aeration compressors

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